Our area of expertise is Long Range and practical – tactical shooting. Our Instructors have long term experiences in Military / Law Enforcement and sport shooting areas. In LR and practical shooting with sniper rifle are one of the best shooters in Czech Republic, what they regulary prove in national and internationals competitions.

Direct way, way to success

We do not offer complex services, but offer in what we are real proffesionals, what we are doing on maximum and mainly what we love to do. Our domain is individual access to the client and effort to find the best way to move one step further.

We are independent

We are not bound by any other company. We are using our own complete equipment and support specific products, that we have long term tested and what work well in LR and practical shooting.

We are still developing

Our instructors are constantly improving their skills with regular training with proffesionals from Army and Police department and also with participation in shooting competitions.

Our competence

We currently operate at the range VTÚ Bzenec, the range Placy, and range Friedenfels, but we are also able to organize Event in your area or in your shooting range.


An integral part of our activities is the organization of international shooting competitions, which are an attractive combination of Long Range and Practical Shooting. This is not only a challenge for us as organizers, but it is an excellent opportunity for participants of our courses to test how their skills and equipment work in challenging conditions.

These competitions are also searched by the armed forces, and it makes it even more attractive.