Basic information

About this event

This 2-days course is for shooters, who own rifle and want to learn basics of precision shooting for long distances, ballistics, how to set whole equipment to achieve best possible results. In first day we will start with theoretic lesson about fundamentals of shooting, rifles, scopes, bipods, and another support equipment, and external ballistics.

In practical part we will help shooters with basics of shooting (position, breathing, trigger control…). Zeroing weapons for local condition, measuring Vo and help to create basic ballistic tabs for another application during course.

During this course will participants learn how to effectively shoot & hit targets up to 800m.

Theoretical part

  • rifle selection
  • scope selection
  • bipod selection
  • gear selection
  • fundamentals of shooting
  • external Ballistic

Practical Part

1st day:

  • safety check
  • zeroing
  • measuring of Vo
  • fundamentals (position, trigger control, breath.…)
  • range 50-800m
  • weapon cleaning
  • grilling in evening + feedback of first day

2nd day:

  • safety check
  • shooting 50- 800m
  • wind reading
  • spotter/shooter cooperation
  • feedback during shooting
  • review of whole course
  • receiving confirmation of participation

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