Basic information

About this event

This 2-days course is for shooters, who do not own rifle. We lend whole equipment (complete rifle system with munition, wind measuring device, rangefinder, ballistic tabs etd). This kurz will start with introduction of different rifle systems, calibers, scopes, accessories, etc to help participants create clear idea, what could fit them best.

During theoretic part will be participants acquainted with external ballistics, what help them clearly understand what happen in range during LR shooting. Will be explained shooting fundamentals (correct position, breathing, trigger control, etc).

In practical part, after safety brief, we will help to each participants find good shooting position, rifle zeroing, creating basic ballistics tabs. In practical part of first day participants will continue up to 300/500m.

Second day will shooters continue in shooting up to 500/800m (depends on range), with focus on fundamentals of shooting and wind call.

During whole course will help to shooters skilled instructors (all army former, and active sport shooters and hunters).

Theoretical part

  • Rifle selection
  • Scope selection
  • Bipod selection
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • External Ballistic

Practical Part

1st day:

  • fundamentals of shooting in practice
  • building shooting position
  • zeroing + measuring of Vo
  • creating basics bal. tabs
  • range 100-300m

2nd day:

  • shooting up to 500/800m (depends on range)
  • feedback during shooting
  • review of whole course
  • receiving confirmation of participation

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