Basic information

Course length 2 days
Maximum number of shooters 14
Range disposition 100-800m
Range location Military range Bzenec, south-east of CZ
Equipment own equipment and rifles in caliber up to .338
Price 300EUR/head

About this event

This 2-days event is for shooters, who were participants of our Basic Courses, do not need theoretic lecture of ballistics, or are well skilled in shooting up to 300-500m.

In first day of this event shooters start with zeroing rifles in local condition, Vo measuring for possible upgrade of ballistics tabs.

After this part will shooters continue up to 800m from different positions (car, barricades, etc). In second day shooters start with some practical stages, where they improve their skills of shooting in different positions, unknown distances, cooperation spotter/shooter, moving targets etc, distances 50-800m.

Practical part

1st day:

  • safety check
  • zeroing
  • measuring of Vo
  • practical shooting up to 800m Level 1
  • after 15:00 safety check
  • weapon cleaning
  • in evening grilling & backfeed

2nd day:

  • safety check
  • practical shooting up to 800m Level 2
  • feedback during shooting
  • receiving confirmation of participation