Basic information

About this event

This 1-day course is for shooters, who want to learn fundamentals of precision shooting and ballistics. Course starts with theoretic part in classroom, where will be participants introduce into safety in range, different weapon system, scopes, ballistics calculators, support gear, etc. After that come lecture of external ballistics and explanation of main aspect what have fluent on shooting. In practical part come short demonstration of shooting fundamentals. Shooting 100-500m with leading of skilled instructor to achieve best possible resoults.

Theoretical part

  • rifle selection
  • scope selection
  • bipod selection
  • gear selection
  • fundamentals of shooting
  • external Ballistics

Practical Part

  • safety chceck
  • zeroing & measuring of Vo
  • fundamentals (position, trigger control, breathing.…)
  • shooting 100-500m

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