Date Name Location
24.-25.1.2020 LR Trenink 100-800m
27.-28.3.2020 LR Kurz + LR Trenink ! CANCELED BECAUSE OF CORONA VIRUS!

More trainings / actions for this year will be published as soon as situation allows it.


Date Name Location
15.-16.2.2019 Winter Sniper Challenge Schießstand Strelna (100-1000m), CZ
23.3.2019 Extreme Long Range Kal. 22LR Schießstand Placy (100-500m), CZ
20.4.2019 Mid-LR Kurz (Voll) Schießstand Placy (100-500m), CZ
18.5.2019 Mid-LR Trenink Schießstand Placy (100-500m), CZ
21.-22.6.2019 (STORNO) LR Trenink / LR Kurz Schießstand Bzenec (50-800m), CZ
6.7.-7.7.2019 Practical Event Schießstand Placy (100-500m), CZ